GhostRunners25 is a young indie game developer, learning how to create games and improve on his programming skills everyday. Currently developing games and soon is going to be sharing his progress along the way. He's gonna start creating videos of him creating games from start to finish and documenting each progress point. He will also be creating tutorials on how to create similar games to what he has created.
GhostRunners25 plans to expand the variety of game engines he uses, to develop with a broader range. Currently using Unity 3D, but has plans to use Pico-8, Game Maker, Construct 3, etc... GhostRunners25 will use many game engines as time moves on, documenting game creation on each one.
GhostRunners25 participates in game jams, creating games under a set time limit. Participating with other talented creators and enjoying the games created, rating them and leaving positive feedback.

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