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I'm an 18-year-old with a passion for programming. I began my programming journey back in 2016; I'd be lying if I said programming instantly became my passion. I found programming quite difficult in the beginning. I started with HTML, and all I was able to do was display text in various colours. After lots of practice I've become better and better at it.

However, programming isn't all my life is. I love going on long walks and exploring the world around me.

Oh, and my name is Isaac Butler :D

I'm a programmer. I mainly code in the languages Python, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. I practice coding daily; I always ensure I have a project to develop. I develop projects ranging in the development of software, video games and occasionally websites.

Currently, the only projects I have released are video games. However, I plan to start releasing some software soon. All the projects will be showcased in the projects section of this page.

I do it because I love it. I love it because it allows you to build your imagination, granted sometimes at the cost of your sanity. However, the feeling you get when your project finally starts taking shape makes it all worth it. It's such a euphoric feeling.

When I'm doing game development and for that I would usually design a sprite sheet. Each time I needed to save the sprites individually, which sometimes takes longer than an hour. I saw that as an issue, so I developed a simple software that would do it for me in seconds. That's another reason I love it; It gives you the ability to build solutions to problems.

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